About us

Nardone's Academy was founded by Liam Nardone in 2017. Our company began to vastly grow and expand over the years, after each show there would be a higher intake of students. Members of the public who came to see our shows would put our name out into our community taking Nardone's Academy to where it is today. 

Currently at Nardone's Academy we have a full weekly timetable which offers different classes to a wide range of age groups, these are open to the public to participate in. 





Millie, 16

I have been at Nardone’s academy since their first show, Hairspray. When I first started I hardly knew anyone and I wasn’t very confident. Being at this company has helped me by building my confidence and everyone supports you and helps each other. I have been a part of Nardone’s Academy for so long it has became a part of my family. My favourite part about it is doing team building games with the cast and spending time with them. I love dancing with my friends. Come join in with the fun!

Lewis, 16

When I first joined Nardone's Academy I went in with little to none dance experience. With doing Annie and participating in classes I have noticed an extreme improvement in my confidence and dance ability. I really enjoy being at Nardone's Academy and can't wait for what the future holds. 


Isla, 9

I’ve been going to Nardone's Academy since the Annie Auditions. I don’t come from the area and worried when I joined that i wouldn't fit in but everyone’s really friendly and I’ve made lots of friends. I look forward to going and being in productions they put on.

Ava, 11

Nardone's Academy makes everyone feel really important and involved even in a minor part. I loved the pantomimes as it is so much fun for everyone. 

Meet The Team

Liam Nardone

Meet the Director and Choreographer, Liam Nardone who founded Nardone’s Academy of Performing Arts back in June 2017. Since then Liam has gone on to Direct and Choreograph 10 full scale musical productions and pantomimes showcasing the talent that surrounds us in our local community. 

Liam previously studied at The MGA Academy in Edinburgh where he studied musical theatre but nevertheless has been apart of Fifes Amateur Dramatics scene since he starred in ‘KAOS’ (Kirkcaldy Amateur Operatic Society) when he starred as Dodger in their 2011’s production of “Oliver”.

Emily Juner - Headshot.jpg

Emily Juner

Meet one of our Academy teachers, Emily Juner. Emily auditioned for Nardone's Academys first ever production, Hairspray, back in 2017 and has had a key role behind the scenes helping to grow and improve the Academy ever since.

Emily studied Musical Theatre at The MGA Academy in Edinburgh and has been with NAPA from the beginning, and now takes weekly classes in drama, choreography and singing. 

Emily is a true asset to Nardone’s Academy and we can’t thank her enough for her continued support and loyalty in helping get the Academy where it is today. 

Brooke Macdonald

Meet one of our Academy teachers, Brooke Macdonald. Brooke started out within the academy 3 years ago, completing 5 productions. Brooke was appointed in one of the schools teacher roles after going strength to strength and dedicating her life to supporting our young students and assigns every part of her life to the Academy team helping it grow and expand within our community. 

Brooke now takes classes within the Academy on a weekly basis and helps out with the creative and admin team on making our productions run as smoothly as possible. 

Brooke is excited to take on her first leading role since starting Nardone’s Academy and is looking forward to helping make this show the biggest and best yet, as well as being an assistant teacher for our young cast members throughout the rehearsal process. 

Owen Hudson

Meet Owen Hudson our creative and production coordinator. Owen ensures all administrative paperwork is all underway allowing the Academy and productions to run as smoothly as possible. Owen works very closely with the Company Director and the rest of the Nardone’s team ensuring the Academy is growing fast and that week by week the schedule and tasks are completed so that everything goes according to plan. 

Owen has been a huge part of Nardone’s Academy ever since ‘Legally Blonde’ at the Alhambra Theatre in Dunfermline where he stepped up to the role of ‘Head of Stage Crew’ and ever since has kept this title, along with his other important roles within the school.

Owen alongside the team at Nardone’s Academy has played a huge part in helping the school grow and has created many new ventures and opportunities for our students and local members of the community. Owen is currently working on a FULL new merchandise launch for the Academy and working closely with a sponsor for even more opportunities that will shine in the future, something we are very excited about and will be announcing shortly.