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Do I Have To Pay An Audition Fee For My Course?

Each applicant must pay an audition fee of £20.00 (HNC) OR £30.00 (HND) at the time of application. Any applicants NOT selected for an audition will receive a refund to their original payment card.

My Application Has Been Declined After Audition, Will I Receive A Refund?

Unfortunately if you have been offered an audition and was unsuccessful you will NOT receive a refund, likewise if you fail to attend your audition or if you decline your offer NO refund will be processed.

How Do Fee's & Funding Work?

The student is able to apply for fees and funding through SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland). It is important to note that the fees paid to us only cover your course fees. However, any payments received from SAAS should cover all of your course fee's, leaving you with a significant amount of funding to purchase any required resources.

Do I Have To Pay A Deposit?

We require a small deposit upfront to secure your place on the course. This will be sent to you upon your successful audition and must be paid within 14 days of your success email. 

I Haven't Paid My Deposit Within 14 Days

Please get in touch with our admissions team as soon as possible on 01592 377042. Failure to make contact may mean that your place is withdrawn due to high demand.

Will I Have To Pay For Anything Else?

There are uniform & kit list requirements. You will receive this list in your success email. These items are essential for your course.

Does Nardone's Academy College Offer Scholarship Within SQA Courses?

Yes - Scholarships are means tested and based upon audition scores. As Nardone's Academy does not get funding from any other sources, we are unable to help everyone that applies for a scholarship, but we consider every application carefully and try to help as much as possible. We ask prospective students to provide as much information through email as possible so that assessments can be made fairly and accurately.

What Is The Audition Process?

Musical Theatre - You must prepare one monologue, two contrasting Musical Theatre songs (you must bring sheet music with you) and you will take part in one Jazz Class where you will be taught and asked to perform a routine, and may also be invited for an interview at the end.

Acting & Performance - You must prepare two contrasting monologues and you may also be invited for an interview at the end.

What Grades Do I Need For The Course?

Applicants are offered after a successful audition and interview.

If you can demonstrate exceptional talent and can satisfy the panel of your ability to successfully complete the course, you may be considered for a place irrespective of your academic background.


I’m not very academic, what elements of the course are academic?


80% of the course is practical and not academic. The other elements are introductory to higher education study, and as such a lot of support and guidance is offered to students to help them through the modules that have written or academic elements.

The work is largely reflective, so therefore talking about what you have learned in class, with elements of research required to back this up. There will be specific classes to guide students on the expectations for the academic work, and your tutor will schedule 1to1 time with you to support you throughout this.

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